Lang Business Law provides legal services in the areas of corporate law, commercial law and business transactions. 

With Lang Business Law, you receive the experience of a former big firm attorney, and the personalized service and pricing flexibility typical of smaller firms. Lang Business Law is here to get your deal across the finish line.

Our Philosophy

Lang Business Law is selective in choosing its clients and transactions.  The firm prefers to work with clients with whom it can develop a long term relationship.  By understanding its client's business,  the firm is better able to serve its client's legal needs.

Pricing flexibility

Lang Business Law understands that no two clients or deals are alike.  The firm works with its clients to achieve their individual expectations, and understands that some clients are more budget conscious and that others want to leave no stone unturned regardless of cost. 

For clients who desire more certainty with their legal fees, Lang Business Law provides fee arrangements other than hourly billing, including negotiated or fixed fees, fixed plus hourly, success fees, and volume discounts off standard hourly rates.

The firm also has long-time clients that are on a fixed monthly retainer basis.



Working with law firms

Lang Business Law is a small firm that can handle both small and large transactions.  In order to make sure that the firm's clients receive the best possible service and advice, the firm maintains relationships with lawyers and law firms throughout the United States, which allows the firm to obtain local advice and other areas of expertise, when necessary.

The firm also provides legal services to other law firms (big and small) and their clients for conflict purposes and corporate assistance.